The Listing Photos

This is the house I'm in the process of purchasing. It's a 1923 cape cod, that was sadly renovated in the late 80's. So my plan as far as my own renovations, since little of the original 20's charm is in the house,is that I'm making it my own Mod Cape Cod.

Here's the front of the home. It's got a simple facade, but I can work with that. I don't like the vinyl siding aesthetically, but practically it makes sense. That's something I'll just have to save for if I want to replace. The front porch, which has oak planks lurking beneath that awful excuse of a carpet, is nice. I even really like the swing, but I think that's just the southern girl in me. It has the original front door with the corrugated glass. Someone painted it what I can only describe as the color of a tongue. It's pretty sad looking. But maybe if I can strip the paint off there might be something nice underneath. If not, I'd be more than content to paint the front door yellow.

Ladies and Gents, check out that red carpet of DOOM. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Also the previous owner had cats, carpet and cats never mix. The good part about this carpet is that it's not even stapled down. It's basically just set over a floor pad and tucked under the shoe molding. Underneath are the original oak hardwood floors. The first thing I'm doing after closing is ripping doomcarpet out and DIY refinishing the hardwood. Carpet, always a bad idea.

These are the two bedrooms, the large cave like one is the loft. it's a 10x34 second floor with a ceiling that could be a frame and beam heaven. If not for those pretty disgusting acoustic tiles. Plans for that are paint EVERYTHING white, floors included, and one day gut and throw an open bath in there. Instant master bedroom. Until I save up the mucho monies that will be needed, painting will suffice for now. The second bedroom is a box, with a closet. the floors will be refinished the same time as the others under the carpet. I don't know how to tackle the AC stuck in the wall though, the house has brand new central air, so it's obviously got to go. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I'm thinking about throwing a bed in there for guests, aka my parents, and making it my dressing room and or sewing room. I might do the latter in the basement though, we'll see.

The bathroom. Which is pretty wrong. When the previous owners did the remodel they cut the floor joist under the potty , which hasn't sagged yet, but it will. So that's the first thing to fix. Also instead of just keeping the clawfoot that was in there they built a tile wall fight in front of the window leaving like a foot of space inbetween. I plan on at least knocking it to a half wall until I get money to redo the whole bathroom. It's got some pretty hideous laminate wood flooring in a pine yellow. One day black penny tile will look amazing in there.

Ah the kitchen. I'll be at very least painting everything white after move in. The linoleum floors could be asbestos, so until that's confirmed they stay as they are. Then based on the results of said asbestos they might be torn up, or tiled over. The door leads out to a pretty bitchin' back deck. Althought the photos don't show it, the yard is huge by city standerds.

The back view of the house, the yard isn't dead. just dormant. They didn't photo any of the amazing trees in the yard. Lots of gardening and yard work, we'll see how that goes.

Wish me luck, Paige

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