A 1920's Murder Mystery Party

I helped throw a 1920's murder mystery at a friends house recently. I know I said I was sick of centerpieces, but I'm an event planning sadist I guess. We used a downloadable mystery kit from My Mystery Party. There was a bit more prep with a downloadable version, you need to cut out all the clue cards, but I found it to pretty easy to set up. 

I wrapped up amazon boxes and threw some printed booze labels on them.  We put candy cigarettes and fake mustaches out as party favors. There was a hand-drawn sign on the door, including a "closed due to prohibition" printout. My friend Becci made Bees Knees and South Side Cocktails. We even had a little photobooth corner setup! We used a sequined tablecloth from my bridal shower, an extendable shower curtain rod, and some number shaped balloons. We took full Advantage of it. 

It would have been nice to say I made this elaborate 1920's costume to go along with the party, but again, house renovations have limited my sewing a ton. I did throw this kimono I made a while back over a black dress. Throw a wig and some pearls on and I don't think I was far off the mark. 

It was pretty fun, and I thought the murder mystery part was well done, albeit a little bit surprising. Most of all I appericated my Husband Brian really comitting and shaving the pencil thin moustache into his real facial hair.