Made For Mermaids : Mama Nina Tunic

I tested the Mama Nina Tunic, the newest Made for Mermaids pattern. I've always loved a good raglan shirt, I feel like my broad shoulders look great in the sleeve style. I like the swingy-ness of the hem, and the soft scoop of the neckline as well. I also made this using some knit scraps I had on hand. The Rose is similar to a double brushed polyester and the grey is a jersey knit. Both fabrics are from Joanns, I think they might even have been remnant pieces. 

I really like the block for Made for Mermaids, I feel that it fits me a bit better right out of the package, or printer so to speak, than their sister company patterns for pirates. I'm not sure if it's a more generous waist measurement, but I feel like that might be it. For reference, I made size orange, which is similar to a retail size 2XL. If the back sleeve seams look a bit uneven, that might actually be my shoulders. I got fitted for my wedding dress and as a fellow seamstress was interested in what fitting observations my tailor made. I already knew most of the fitting adjustments he planned on making, but was surprised to hear him mention that I had one shoulder that was a bit higher. Which I have of course noticed all the time since then! 

I'm normally not a patch pocket girl, but I feel like it helps tie the fabric mixing together a bit better. I was super lazy on my finishes for this shirt as well- I didn't hem or top stitch anything. I weaved the the serger thread tails back into the seams to secure them.  I just got back from the our summer lake trip, so lazy is kind of the name of the game around these parts. I'm hoping to make a bit more sewing time before the wedding this September, but it might be a bit quieter than normal. It's all for a worthwhile cause I thought I think.