Patterns for Pirates Favorite Tee : Dress Length

A quick post to share the second favorite "tee" I've made. Another cheap fabric just lengthened the dress version to be actual dress length for my body. This is a really lightweight neoprene. The hemline did stitch up a bit wavy, but a couple washes and ironing cycles should solve any issues there. I did a bang up job of pattern matching too, something I am notorious for not caring about in the least. 

I know it's not PERFECT, but pretty much better than anything I've done before. I almost wish this pattern wasn't so quick to sew. I feel like I'm going to make 100 of them. I do need to finish out my capsule wardrobe, but don't doubt a favorite tee will sneak it's way in there. Also, I'm 4 days solid on memademay, normally I've given up by now. Gold star for me!