Patterns For Pirates Favorite Tee Review

Sometimes you need an easy to wear tunic a couple hours before work starts. Since I'm participating in memademay this year, I had to make something. I've had the favorite tee from patterns for pirates since it came out, I already own the free spirit tank and the relaxed fit raglan- but wanted a more traditional sleeve on the favorite tee. I wasn't dissapointed. 

I used some super cheap fabric I got for a dollar a yard. It's a mystery knit, but is very thin, with a subtle horizontal stripe. It worked really well, and I think the lighter weight is good for this rendition. I cut the dress length, but I'm a bit taller than what's drafted for so it looks more like a tunic on me. 

I managed to set the neckband really well, and it might be one of my best to date. Neckbands are one of those things you struggle with when you first do them, and suddenly they just click and you can do them in your sleep. Memadmay made me make an easy top rather than running to target and buying something. So far, even if I don't finish out the whole month, it feels like a win. I haven't given up on my capsule wardrobe, in fact it's #cscminicapsule theme month over at the curvy sewing collective. I'll be doing my capsule reveal at the end of the month versus blogging each individual garment like I have been. So stay tuned for more on that. ;)