M4M Vivienne Dress: A Good Scrap Buster

I was selected to test a few Made For Mermaids patterns, and have been having a blast sewing up summer dresses. The only downside has been that I couldn't share anything until the release! I've been sewing so much in secret, it's been killing me not to share. Well, the M4M Vivienne dress is finally out, so I get to show you guys how fun it is. Disclaimer first though, even though I was given this pattern for free in exchange to test it and provide photos for it's release, all opinions are my own. The pattern that is being released might also have tweaks based on tester feedback. 

My favorite part about Vivienne is that it's an awesome scrap buster. I managed to sneak this out of scraps of two recent projects.  There are so many different pattern combinations this would look awesome with. The construction is straightforward and pretty standard for knits. The only change I made was in how I did my neckline bands, the instructions reccomend a binding technique, kind of like how you apply bias tape. It was easier for me just to apply the neckband with the serger and top stitch. 

I graded to a larger size for my butt, which is a pretty standard thing for me in made for mermaids patterns. If I made it again, I'd probably follow the pattern instructions on having a wider panel to gather- but since I was eeking this out of scraps they were a little bit narrow. I'd love to make this again, and will probably use the cool serger gathering trick when I do. That will really make these a snap to construct. I feel like I total knit convert at this point, so much so I'm going to have to force myself to do some woven projects soon.