P4P Spring Capsule Challenge: 4/9 White Stretch Bell Bottoms

When I finished these my Fiance Brian reluctantly agreed that they looked better than he would have assumed a pair of white, stretch, bell bottoms would look, and that yes they made my butt look good. But he visibly cringed at the bell bottom. It's a love it or hate it style for sure. While I'm not old enough to have lived through the original bell bottoms fashion craze, I definitely had a couple years in the nineties where I rocked the revival versions with tye dye. After that, it was skinny jeans until death- or more like until I started seeing them crop up in Anthropologie again. I saw the bell bottom hack on the P4P's facebook group and thought, hey why not? I also sewed them up with a double wide band, because my preferred waistline is my natural waist.

When I bought the white ponte knit, I also purchased some gold stretch velvet for another capsule project. The fabric cutter joked that I had the perfect makings for a 1970's Elvis jumpsuit. I mean she wasn't far off the mark, ha!