P4P Spring Capsule Challenge: One & Two

I've decided to try my hand at making a knit spring capsule, all out of Patterns for Pirates patterns. They're running a contest and the winner could receive a cover stitch machine, which I've been itching to play with, so why not? I normally fail terribly at these capsule challenges, but there's a pretty quick deadline of April 10th. That and I've gotten pretty speedy with my serger. I pulled some fabrics and decided on some garments I'd like to recreate using P4P patterns and some hacks of those patterns. Here's a mood board that in all honesty is probably going to be much cooler and put together than my finished capsule.

P4P Capsule Challenge

I based most of the colors and pattern choices of fabrics in my small stash. I only plan on using five patterns to create nine pieces, The Relaxed Fit Raglan, The Free Sprit Tank, The Cross My Heart Cami, Peg Legs Leggings, and The Sweetheart Dress. 

I've actually just completed 2/9 of the pieces! First, a circle skirt hacked from the sweetheart dress and second a RFR with lace sleeves. I threw them on my dress form (which is padded to my measurements) because I'm feeling pretty lazy after sewing two garments in a night, and I'm saving the "on the body" photos for the final collage. 

The hack for the skirt is super easy and just adds a waistband to the skirt piece of the sweetheart dress. You can see how to do it here over at the P4P's blog.  I used some Nicole Miller Scuba knit, which gave the skirt some body and is very similar to a favorite plain black circle skirt of mine. Super easy to wear, and a good wardrobe staple, it's nice to already have a base layer in.  Note: The print placement looks kind of weird in the first photo, but since there's only one seam on the waistband I normally just spin it until it looks correct. But honestly, I'm the worst at forethought with my print placement, so it's a good thing I can change it around as need be since the skirt is so simple. 

The RFR is sewn without any adjustments, except the neckline. I measured it, and made a neckband of 80% the width as I have better luck inserting with that measurement than the one P4P provides in the instructions. I showed my fiance Brian and he seemed dubious of my choice of using so much black for spring, but whatever- It's me!