P4P Grandpa Cardi

Guys, I've fallen in love with my serger. I know I've complained a lot about P4P but here's why I keep making them. Yeah, there's some weird stuff going on with the instructions, but there's a lot of positives too. The facebook group with help and support it provides, especially on serger issues and pattern questions, is out of this world. I don't mind putting together PDF patterns, but I especially like P4P's no trim pages. I just gluestick the whole printed pages together and I'm good to go. The size range is pretty inclusive for the most part. I'm right in the middle of their sizing, which is nice since I'm usually at the top of other brands sizing. Finally, the patterns are really easy. As someone who has really only really sewn woven fabrics, I'm amazed at how much quicker my knit patterns come together.  I made this cardigan with a really loose weave sweater knit I picked up at joanns. If I made it again the only correction I might make is to put some clear elastic or stay tape in the should seams so they stretch out less, but it would probably be better with a more stable knit. I top stitched using the lighting bolt stretch stitch, because I forgot to change out my machine foot and snappedmy right needle like a dingus, but it worked really well. 

This is the first pattern I didn't really have any issues with. It's easy, no fitting to speak of, and a good layering piece. I find myself reaching for it a lot with this weird midwest weather. Yesterday I left the house and it was 60 degrees, and when I went to bed there were 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was a balmy 18 degrees. The key is layers, and mostly just not being outside.