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 Fabric left to right: Girl Charlee Bolt, Spandex World, Michael Miller 

Fabric left to right: Girl Charlee Bolt, Spandex World, Michael Miller 

I love leggings. I also disagree leggings aren't pants- They are pants shaped and cover the necessary bits. Sure I try and keep the butt covered for when you don't know when you're leggings are going to go sheer when you bend over because you've dropped your 8:00 am cake pop in a crowded Starbucks. When you sew your own leggings, though, the best part is that you can pick your own fabrics, and even do the "Can I see my hand through this fabric if I stretch it" test. I sewed the Peg Legs from Patterns For Pirates (Which is free if you join the facebook group and get the code!). I'm a sucker for free patterns and probably would have had no desire to sew leggings if I had to pay for it. You can find some so cheaply, and I go through them pretty quickly, I didn't think there was a point to spending time sewing them. I was definitely wrong. 

First, the pattern only takes a yard of fabric. I actually sewed the Michael Miller pair out of scraps from another project. That also makes them ridiculously cheap to make, even if I get really fancy on the fabric a yard isn't going to kill me. Second, they take all of like ten minutes to sew. There's one pattern piece for the legs, and you cut a rectangular waistband. Everything zips together on the serger, and if you're feeling fancy you can break out your sewing machine and hem the legs. I hem them like fifty percent of the time since you don't really have to with knits. The only adjustment I made was to increase the front rise by an inch to keep them from rolling down. I think the biggest challenge when sewing these is making sure you have the right fabric. These need a very stretchy four-way stretch. Two-way won't work, keep that in mind. I've been wearing them around the house, under dresses and tunics, and while attempting to get back into my yoga practice. The peg legs pattern is definitely a tried and true for me. 

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