Love Notions Summer Caye Pants

I'm finally taking photos and getting through my backlog of sewing projects! Go me! I made up the Love Notions Summer Caye Pants for The Curvy Sewing Collective's Pants Month.  I've been wanting a pair of "soft pants" since this summer but had yet to find anything that worked well on my frame. This pants pattern seemed to be universally well reviewed, and come in a large size range. I've never sewn with Love Notions patterns before, but know that have a fiercely loyal fanbase and was interested to see what the fuss was about. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the instructions included fitting solutions to common pants problems. I've somehow avoided sewing a pair of pants since my first sewing project. Like many children in Home Economics, we learned to sew pajama pants. They fit me terribly and I've been put off of sewing them for more than a decade. When I made up the Summer Cayes I found it interesting that my crotch curve was much longer than is traditionally drafted for. But doing a simple crotch length adjustment solved all my fitting woes. I raised the waistline a bit to cover my stomach more. It was incredibly easy and I appreciated that the instructions included simple adjustments to make the pattern fit more bodies. The photo below shows you what adding a couple of inches to the patterns crotch curve can do. Excuse my super awesome toile fabric- I was trying to go through some scraps. 

I like the fact that this pattern had a flat front and elastic back. I think if I were to sew this up again, I would just make it a complete elastic waistband. I'm not really the kind of person who tucks a shirt in, and if I were to do it with these pants I would pair it with a belt wide enough to cover the waistband. I'd probably also cut the pattern flat versus folded. The slippery fabric shift just enough to ruin and front or back pattern matching- but not enough for me not to wear them. 

So are you scared of sewing pants? Did I say crotch too much in this post? Hopefully, I've imparted the wisdom regarding the magic of adjusting the crotch curve! I've got the Love Notions laundry day tee on my to sew list as well now, fingers crossed they come together as nicely! 

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