Made for Mermaids Mama Catherine Review

I tested the new Made for Mermaids pattern, Mama Catherine. It's a loose fitting blouse/dress, with a bodice that is gathered into either a curved or square yolk. There are several sleeve options as well, my favorite being the flounce sleeve. 

I actually also did two photo sessions in this dress, one outdoors and one inside. Both with my iPhone on portrait mode. I use my apple watch as a remote and stick my iPhone on a tripod.  They're styled a bit differently, and you can see what humidity does to my hair in the outdoor images- it gets HUGE. I took these during a break in the rainstorms we've been having the past couple days. I thought I was kind of interesting to see them side by side! The knee-high boots I wore indoors were much warmer, but I've been pretty proud of how toned my legs have gotten since I've started playing hockey- so I think the dress looks better with just the booties. The fabric color is more true to life in the outdoor photos for sure. I'm wearing the same frame style for my glasses in both, but one is clear and the other brown. 

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's interesting what angles and lighting conditions can do to the final photos, but it's my blog so whatever! 


More on the pattern. It's pretty comfy, due to the lack of defined waist. But I feel like it might come off a little nightgown like for that very reason. I sewed it up using a brushed spandex from Pretty Posh Prints. A grandma couch floral might not have been the best choice to avoid nightgown vibes- but I rarely head my own advice. I don't think it's too terrible, but would for sure need some serious styling if I was going to wear it on a night out. I did run errands in it all weekend, so it was an excellent choice for that. 


I really love the flounce sleeve- I'm already planning using this sleeve pattern on a different bodice pattern. 


Disclaimer: I am a pattern tester for several companies and received this pattern for free. All my opinions are my own. I’m also under no obligation as a tester to post a review to my blog. the final product may have small variations from the version I received. 

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