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Review: Made For Mermaids Mama Darcey

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I tested the Mama Darcey pattern recently, and now that the patterns gone live I can finally share! 

The Mama Darcey pattern is an open front sweater with lots of hem and sleeve length options, there's also an optional hood! As with most Made for Mermaids patterns, there's also a ton of hacks. 

I made up the Hi-low hem version, with long sleeves and the hood. I used a stable knit from my stash- no idea where I purchased it, it's been there for a long time! I'm not sure I'm in low with the high-low hem, but I'm going to give it a few days of wear and see if I break down and hem it a bit shorter. I really like how the split hem looks, I would love to sew it up in a chunky knit. 

Construction was a breeze, and the fit is spot on for me. I like how it fits smoothly over my butt too-  I normally need a swayback adjustment, but this pattern included one in the drafting. The hood is supposed to be a bit oversized. I have a larger head, so it might not look that way on me, but my big old noggin' fits very well because of that! 

Peep that total lack of pattern matching on the side seam, can't win them all I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was 37 degrees out this morning in Cincinnati, so I'm ready to start sewing up all the cozy layers. I have a shopping trip planned soon to stock up on sweater knits. I've got two Darcey's I'm planning to work into a little fall to winter wardrobe bump. Gotta keep it toasty! 

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