Review: P4P Wiggle Dress

I'm a regular tester for patterns for pirates, and I'm very excited to show you guys the newest offering, the wiggle dress. As someone who is a bit more apple shaped in profile, I kind of wrote this off as a shape I would ever personally be comfortable in wearing. These dress have become my favorite makes surprisingly enough. I love that there's also a ton of style options. I ended up making the midi with long sleeves and the high back for my first version. It's a scuba knit I got from Joann's some time ago. The second version is the above the knee, off the shoulder, and with long sleeves. That one is made in a Casa Collection stretch burnout velvet that is currently in Joann's. I flat lined it with a grey swim knit, since the burnout velvet was very sheer. You can go from office to just night out depending on what options you choose to sew up. There's also a low back version I would love to sew up next. 

The fit is pretty spot on for me, during testing we add more ease to the larger sizes in the waist and butt- which works well with my body type. The neckline includes elastic on all versions, which helps keep it flat and stop and gaping. 

Making this in a scuba knit is an awesome way to feel a bit more confident in this body hugging pattern. It definitely smoothed over areas I was self conscious about more than a less stable knit would. The center back seam makes it easy to add a swayback adjustment- and during testing one was added, but just in case you need a bit more it's a breeze to add that fitting change. 

Overall I ended up loving this pattern, there's so many options I haven't even tried yet. I'm planning on doing one of them as part of my halloween costume this year, so keep your eyes peeled!