Completed: Colette Rue

Awhile ago Colette patterns put out a call for pattern testers, and I was lucky enough to be selected to test their newest offering Rue. Rue is a step back towards Colette, and I'm very excited to see that! I loved the first vintage inspired patterns they released, so excited to see them get back to what made me fall in love with them! 

I sewed this pattern without any adjustments. When I fit the lining I was a little concerned about the bust fit, but wasn't sure as to how to adjust it. I've been told that during the sew along Colette will address how to fit the bust, so I might give it another go then.  You can see the drag line in between the tucks on the bodice. I don't think it's unwearable, but I prefer a better bust fit. Meg from Colette said I could probably do with a FBA, but again, I wasn't sure how to do them with the tucks. 

The dress is fully lined, and I learned how to line and do a clean finish I love the skirt, and think I would even use the skirt pieces to make a super cute skirt for summer. I wish I was in love with the bodice. Hopefully, I can get the fit sorted out in the next version! I used some Michael Miller quilting cotton I picked up at Fiberge. I think it worked great in the quilting cotton, with the lining the weight of the dress makes it perfect fo fall! 

Have you sewn up Rue? Do you like the switch back to a more vintage inspired aesthetic? Any ideas on how to improve the bust fit?