Tutorial: Hand-sewn Pattern Weights

I've needed smaller projects to do at my photo studio open houses when I'm caught up on editing and not meeting with new and old clients. Stuff I can easily carry in my sewing box, and hopefully projects I'll actually need to use. I've had some dritz pattern weights on my amazon wishlist these past couple months and figured they'd be easy enough to DIY myself, so I did.

Pattern Weights Supplies

  • Scrap fabric (I think I used close to 1/4th of a yard and cut 12 pieces)
  • Filling (I used popcorn kernals, but you could use rice, dried beans, gravel, ect.)
  • Thread
  • Needle

I cut rectangles that measured 3x6. Whatever size pattern weights you're making, just make sure you're rectangle is twice as long as it is wide. Fold it in half hamburger style , rights sides together, and sew up a seam on the short edge. 

Roll the seam to the middle, and sew up one of the open edges.

Turn right side out, add your filling. Roll unfinished edge in, and stitch closed. This seam should be oriented the opposite way as the bottom seam. The first seam you sewed should be on the edge of the new seam, as pictured. 

Your stitching for the final seam will be on the outside, so try and make it neat! 

Easy-peasy right? I managed to whip up nine in two hours. If you're an aggressive cutter who wants more weight, you can always add a washer to the bottom as well before you add your filling. They make an amazing scrap buster as well! Do cut with weights? I love using my 22mm rotary cutter for basically everything!