Completed: The Gatherer Purse

As someone who sews almost exclusively garments, I can't say I ever got the craze behind sewing bags and purses. But I've been trying to figure out what kind of handmade gift to give my gaggle of nieces this year. Purses seemed like they hit the nail on the head as far as ease of making, and how well received they would be from the not quite teenager crowd. (Don't worry, I'll throw a gift card in there too!) I was looking online for a decent crossbody bag pattern that wasn't too complicated and found the Gatherer Bag from Noodle Head Patterns. It seemed to tick off all my design requirements and it was a free PDF to download. I decided to sew up a tester version out of some scrap fabric I had. It went really well. 

I'll admit to not really getting people who sew mainly bags. Now that I've sewn one I like I totally do see the appeal. I think I used 1/2 a yard for the lining and 1/2 a yard for the exterior fabric. It's pretty rare these days I buy under four yards for a dress. So first and foremost it's very cost effective! In fact, I've got some fabric preordered from the rifle paper co cotton and steel collection just for a purse. Totally and excuse to buy a yard of something a bit more expensive! I used real leather for the closure and promptly bought a leather needle for the follow-up versions of this purse. I've never seen my machine get angrier at me than trying to sew through leather with a universal sharp needle on. The button stud is a screw on back, and I made the hole in the leather using a screw punch and my trusty tapered awl. I used 1/2 lobster clips to attach the strap to the strap carriers.

The piping is vintage, and had this SUPER cute labeling. I've used this bag every day since I've completed it. Such a great way to use up scraps. I've got four more cut out for Christmas presents right now! Anyone have any other awesome bag patterns to share?