My Sewing "Room"

I used to have a sewing room. I loved being able to shut the door, and ignore any of my creative mess- and so did Brian I’ve been blessed with a significant other who is super tidy, even when I’m not. He keeps me on my toes, and our house is normally reasonably picked up. My sewing/craft room used to be the spare room in my home. This past year we’ve been helping out a family relative to get back on their feet, and it’s been great having family closer to me. I’ve had to give up my sewing space though, and it’s been an interesting adjustment.

Remember when I said I have a very tidy partner? Well since I’ve had to move my sewing space into the bedroom I’ve also had to figure out a way to not drive him absolutely bonkers. So I’ve come up with a system that involves lots of casters, carts, and a closet. I took all the hanging clothing out of our closet in the bedroom, and put them on a clothing rack next to our dresser. When everything is in the closet, it looks relatively picked up. There’s still more clutter than I would like, and certainly more than Brian would, but I’m working on it!

Inside the closet, there’s three carts (one for fabric, one with my sewing machine, and one with the serger), a folding table, my large self healing cutting mat, and my iron and ironing board. While it’s not the prettiest closet, it gets the job done. It’s on my to renovate list, as is a lot of my house. I feel like we're in a constant state of renovation, with my bedroom being the last thing on the list. In fact we haven’t done a thing to this room since I bought the house, hence the bandaid paint color on the walls. I promise the rest of my house is much cuter

Everything comes out of the closet and fits in the space rather cozily. I roll out what I need to work, and get to sewing! The casters make everything very easy to roll in and out, so I don’t have to break a sweat dragging machine boxes and the likes around. The fabric cart is a discontinued style from IKEA, but they offer something similar. I keep all the entirety of my fabric stash there. Everything is pre-washed and ironed, so it’s ready to go. I try not to buy any fabric unless I have it in mind for a project, but sometimes sales happen. When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, stashing isn’t the best idea.

My sewing machine is a Janome Memory Craft 3500, it belonged to my Mother. It’s what she used to sew when we were growing up. It’s a great little machine, and I need to remember to schedule it for a tune up. My serger is the ever popular Brother 1034d. I have no complaints on either. The second shelf of my sewing machine carts is for notions and my sewing basket. The third I keep open to put projects I’m working on should I have to clean up before I’m done. Sometimes I use the machines in the cart if I’m feeling extra lazy! They have brakes on the casters so they don’t go anywhere under the vibration of the machines.

I do keep some sewing stuff out all the time. My thread holders and tracing paper are on an Ikea Bygel rail. Eventually I’d like to get a better back of the door system for the closet and just keep them there. I’ve only just had to move my sewing room, so I’m still figuring out the specifics. I also keep my patterns in these bookcases, along with some of my scrapbooking stuff. I’ve already halved my pattern collection, and am trying to do so even more. I’m also looking for more clean and minimal boxes to put them in. My TV is great for marathoning Drag Race while sewing.

In my sewing box, I keep almost everything tool wise I would need to complete any project. I have a variety of scissors, punches, needles, waxes, seam rippers, tape, french curves, pattern masters, machine feet and needles, marking tools, measuring tools, etc. Is my sewing box well organized? No, but I know almost everything I need to sew with be in there, it’s got a place at least! It also fits PERFECTLY into an IKEA Raskog cart. The white Serger cart is from Target.

While I can’t say this is my dream sewing space, I can say it’s very functional. It also forces me to be very clean during my sewing, and to pick up anytime I leave it. There’s something nice about starting fresh every time I start to sew.