A Capsule Wardrobe.

I've always loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I love the idea of being able to pinpoint your style, and work with key pieces. I've been on a pretty serious wardrobe purge as of late. I've been absolutely ruthless and have gotten it much smaller than ever. I was browsing Pinterest the other day when a link to Cladwell popped up. It's a local Cincinnati startup that teaches people how to rock a capsule wardrobe and helps promote ethical and eco-friendly clothing. While it wasn't free, and I probably could have figured it out using one of the thousands of diagrams on the internet, sometimes I like a little hand holding. It figures out what wardrobe pieces you need based on your activities and how often you do them. You select a color palette as well, which in theory should help you tie together all your pieces into outfits. I created a capsule for fall, and was able to make it almost entirely out of pieces I already had. The end goal for capsule adventure would be to try and incorporate pieces I really need, and hopefully to work on sewing pieces that would fit into this wardrobes. I'd like to eventually phase out fast fashion pieces all together.

My first capsule I've made for Fall. I tend to ignore the last half of August in a hope for some relief from the terrible humidity that swallows up the Ohio River Valley. Cladwell had me select one of their "Styles". While I definitely have influences from a lot of different places, I identified most with "Girl Next Door". 


  • Work- 5 Days a week, normal wardrobe variety. ( For when I'm in the office, taking client meetings, running work errands. )
  • Photoshoots- 2 Days a week, somewhat minimal wardrobe variety. ( I mainly shoot on the weekends from sunrise to sunset. I need something I can move in, while still looking professional. Caldwell lets you create custom activities with items of clothing you pick. I appreciated this feature. )
  • Active- 3 Days a week, very minimal wardrobe variety. ( I try and work out three times a week. I don't care if I re-wear my workout clothes to the gym. I'm just excited if I find the time to get there, and really don't care what I look like. )
  • Home- 4 days a week, somewhat minimal wardrobe variety. ( While I'm home more than 4 days a week, I figured this was more a loungewear category. I'm normally out of the house from 8-5 most days, and unless I'm going to the gym can't see myself changing into loungewear besides pajamas. I figured four days would be a good medium to still have some casual stuff to wear for the days where I'm slumming it. )
  • Social - 1 day a week, normal wardrobe variety. (We try and have a date or hang out with friends once a week outside of the house. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Having an emergency going out outfit seems mandatory. )

It then let me select the pieces I would use for each activity, and tried to get them to fit in the color palette I had selected. I chose black, olive green, grey, white, pink, mustard, and wine/oxblood.  Interestingly enough, I had almost everything I need. The capsules don't include accessories, undergarments, or pajamas. 


  • Black Athletic Racer Back Top (Old Navy)
  • White Pussybow Blouse (Thrifted)
  • Grey V-Neck T-Shirt (Old Navy)
  • Mint Swiss Dot True Bias Roscoe Blouse (Handmade)
  • Black Sleeveless Mock Turtleneck (Target)
  • Olive Ribbed Short Sleeve Tunic Tee (Target)
  • Pale Pink Sleeveless Highlow Tunic Tee (Anthropologie)

Top Layers

  • Black Long Sleeved Cardigan (Forever 21)
  • Pale Pink Art Deco Tassel Poncho (Anthropologie)
  • Wine V-neck Sweater (Target)
  • Olive V-neck Sweater (Target)
  • White Fitted Blazer (Loft)


  • Jersey Draw String Short (Walmart)
  • Black Jeggings (Target)
  • Dark Blue Jeans (Loft)
  • Dark Blue Cuffed Jean Shorts (Target)
  • Wine Tribale Palazzo Pants (Target)
  • Black Yoga Pants (Old Navy)
  • Dark Blue Yoga Pants (Old Navy)
  • Black Knee Length Jersey Circle Skirt (Forever 21)
  • Pale Pink Knee Length Box Pleat Skirt ( Forever 21)



  • Gym Shoes (Asics)
  • Black Pleather Heeled Ankle Booties (American Eagle)
  • Black Leather Riding Boots (Me Too)
  • Black Leather Pointed Toes Flats (Audrey Brooke)
  • Grey Knock Off Toms (Target)
  • Black Patented Pleather Spikes (Target)
  • Black Saltwater Sandals (ModCloth)
  • White Sneakers (Target)
  • Black Suede Wedges (Payless)


  • Olive Army Jacket

It said I needed to buy the following: Trench Coat, Loafers, and two midi skirts. That totalled about 42 items. It seemed like a lot to me, until I actually pulled them out of my wardrobe and saw that it was less than half of what I considered small. I've been using this capsule for the past week, and can't say I feel any lack of choices. I have seen, that I do love black clothing. 


A sample six days. I ended up wearing the last outfit twice, for photoshoots at my studio over the weekend. Comfort is king when you're rolling around on the floor trying to get the best shot of someone's butt during a boudoir shoot. Only two pieces were sewn, the roscoe blouse, and the fen dress. I'm hoping to slowly add and replace pieces to work in this wardrobe. I might have to be a bit more brutal in my fabric selections to make them work, but that's probably not a bad thing. Do you use capsule wardrobes? Are you guys interested in seeing my day-to-day looks every week or so? Let me know in the comments!