Completed: Sew Over It Betty Dress

I'm pretty pleased with this dress! Not only did I manage to adjust it to fit correctly, even with being a bit outside the size chart, but I actually like the finished product. I still have one more tweak I would do for my next Betty. I think I've got a bit of a hollow chest, so I would take a bit out of the neckline to make the fit perfect. I used Cloud 9 organic quilting weight cotton. The design is Grey Abbey, English Garden in Gray. I picked it up on clearance at one of my favorite local Cincinnati Fabric Stores Fiberge . I think I purchased close to all that was left at the store yardage wise. The betty dress is definitely a fabric eater at nearly five yards for a 45" wide fabric. The effect of the circle skirt is worth it though! I think I'd definitely be purchasing more sew over patterns in the future! 

Good news! This dress is also an amazing twirler! 

Yes, my hair is also back to a more natural color. Pinks, Greens, and Purples are fun, I'm just ready for a bit less upkeep. I'm also adventuring to a middle part this week, please let me know if you think it was a terrible decision, ha!