On Sewing Seperates: The Hunter Tank

I love sewing and buying sundresses. They have definitely become a staple of mine over the years. I used to find myself buying separates out of necessity, rather than preference. Recently though I've been gravitating towards separates. I've been purging my wardrobe more and more every year. Separates allow me the option of creating more looks with less pieces, a win for a wannabe minimalist like myself. I've decided to sew another top, hot off the heels of my most recent sew, the Roscoe blouse

I broke my new years resolution with this one, and didn't do a toile, and thought I could get away with a wearable muslin (IE a test garment made out of cheap but wearable fabric). It's not my best look. I found this mystery peach fabric at the salvation army. I think it's a linen, and a burn test backs me up. 

I think the biggest problem is that the garment is too long, and I forced to tie it higher than I normally would. That is what I think is creating the weird blousy effect right under my boobs. I feels a little big overall, except at the shoulders. I'm going to try shortening it first and seeing if that helps the fit.  Also, this pretty much confirms that fact that I should toile everything right?