WIP : Sew Over It's Betty Dress

I stumbled upon the Sew Over It's Vlog in what I call youtube roulette. If you watch a youtube video on apple tv and don't stop it after the first video ends it will continue to play related videos. I totally end up doing this a lot while I'm editing photos for work, or sewing. I like background noise while I'm being creative. I was enamored with how awesome the betty dress looked on Lisa, and need a few for myself. I sadly fall just barely outside of her size range. I was determined to make it work, so I snagged the pattern, and the supplemental patterns for the v-neck, scooped neck, and sleeves. 0n my muslin I did a FBA right out of the gate. Not only did it help accommodate the girls, it let the waist out as well a bit. I graded out a bit at the rear side seams, and I fit it around my waist.

When I tried on my toile, there was some serious back neckline gaping, and the darts needed to be lowered and lengthened to reach my bust apex. To fix the gaping I took a wedge out of the back neckline, and trued my corners and length again so it would fit well with the front piece side seams. All fairly simple adjustments. I'm sewing up the final version now and can't wait to share! I also have a Hunter Tank I whipped up I still need to photograph. We just returned from a Christmas in July party weekend, and I've been ~recovering~ ever since. Hoping to get the tank photographed tonight, as well as the Betty dress hemmed.