On The Sewing Table: The Round Trip Jacket (Simplicity 1419)

So I've got it into my head that I need to make myself a capsule wardrobe. I'd like a jacket, 2 skirt styles, 2-3 blouses, 2 dresses, and a jacket. I'm trying to sew to improve my wardrobe as a whole, as well as working on fit this year. I decided to start with a jacket. I've got a thing for buying jacket patterns and then never sewing them, so I had lots of options to choose from. I ended up picking the Round Trip Jacket to sew. I've seen a ton of iterations of the dress, but far fewer of the jacket. In fact a sample isn't even sewn up on the cover, which is a shame because it's pretty cute. Ready to sew I traced off my pattern and started my toile! 

In case you're wondering, my New Years resolution of making a toile for every new pattern is going really well. Taking the extra hour to check fit hasn't killed me yet, and I can tell the difference in my finished garments. The round trip jacket is a loose fit jacket without any closures. I cut according to the size chart, but feel like I could go down a size if I wanted something a bit more tailored. I also toyed with the idea of leaving the ruffle off, but it falls at kind of an awkward bolero length, and the ruffle was pretty cute once I added it, so I decided to stick with it.

I did nothing to alter the pattern save shorten the sleeves. I have fairly short arms and my preferred length is smack in between of 3/4th length and elbow. Nothing fancy adjustment wise- I just marked on my toile where I wanted the sleeve to end, added hem allowance and cut the remaining off my pattern piece. 

I've got some beautiful heavier black linen I'm making this out of. I feel like it'll end up being a really versatile piece when I'm finished. It should also be a great way to fire off this mini capsule idea. A jacket just pulls everything together right?