P4P Relaxed Raglan

I live in the midwest, where it's cold as balls for half the year. I've gotten to the "polar fleece seems like a good everyday fabric" stage of dealing with the cold and I'm not ashamed one bit. I mean did it help that fleece had been 60% off at joann's all week? Probably not. You guys know I don't sew a ton with knit, and figured if anything, I would get some practice, and also hopefully get something halfway wearable. I picked up the Relaxed Raglan and Raglan Add on pattern from P4P. Yes, I'd had an unfortunate time with the neckline on the last pattern, but I knew the block fit me pretty well, and I wanted to make something ASAP. 

Overall the pattern was alright. I omitted the actual bands on the sleeves and hem, and did a faux cuff with my serger, which is similar to blind hemming. I have the hardest time getting the fabric tension right when installing the cuffs, so I just wanted to make it easier on myself. I had neckline issues with his pattern as well. Check out the bubbling issues I got on the neckline band. 

I posted the the P4P facebook group and got zero response on the issue. I then posted to the CSC facebook group and got tons of lovely suggestions. The main issue being that the bodice and sleeve pieces when sewn, are not trued. So where the sleeve meets the bodice there's an awkward point you need to deal with, and it can cause bubbling and other problems. My solution is to cut off the point and smooth the neckline while it's on my dress form.

I also made some personal alterations for my body. I cut the sleeves as the long, banded version and then did my faux cuff. I have shorter arms so the length worked out perfectly for me. I also cut the tunic length in the buffalo check, and added a faux cuff hem, and then added two inches to the tunic length for the gray version, and also added the faux cuff hem. I like them both, but think I like the longer version better. 

I also let the grey version be my lesson in print placement. Brian refers to it as my "boob target sweater". Oh well. 

The add on pack had some fun hood and neckline options. The cowl was much easier to install than the band, but I still made sure my neckline was nice and smooth before insertion. I really want to try the crossover hood, probably in a lighter fabric, since the cowl in a double layer of fleece looks a bit like a neckbrace. It's not completely henious, and it's warm as hell, so I'll probably keep wearing it. I think I'd like to purchase some nice natural sweater knit, and make something a bit more professional to wear. For now I'm excited to be warm.