It's been a bit quiet on the blog. I'm going to blame half of it on the usual holiday stress, combined with the fact that I'm a hostess for some family events, and everyone's go-to on holiday plans. I also don't know if any of my followers are sports fans, but it's also the thick of Hockey Season- which is an important season in my house, ha.  I've also got some more exciting things to get planned also, as my Partner Brian and I have decided to get married this coming September! So I'm obviously really excited about that as well. I'm trying to get my big things booked for the wedding, and all the holiday/hockey business have left me little room for crafty type things. I've got some plans ready for sewing projects and I should have some more time to commit to now that I've wrapped up all my presents and big work projects. All I want for Christmas is more time to sew, and for my wedding to be planned. ;) 

PS: I think, barring any absolute dress shopping disasters there's no way on earth I would attempt to sew my own wedding dress. In case anyone was wondering. ;)