365 Days

I've decided to take part in a 365 days project this year. As a professional photographer, I have a problem of have millions of photos of other people and not very many of my own life. I figured this would be a good exercise to help fix that problem.


Hungover, Thanks New Years Eve- wearing my long johns and allowing the cat to walk on the table. 


Catching up on laundry and napping on my only free Saturday in recent memory. Diggin' the quilt my mother gave me over Christmass break.


Brian makes me dinner because I'm home late after client meetings. He makes a killer Cod and Potato Brandade.


I don't ever take photos of my house anymore. To be fair I don't take photos of anything but client work. I have a small 1920's cape cod, that constantly needs works - but it's grown on me over the years.


Making dinner is kind of a constant theme in my house. Usually I'm cooking most nights.