Muslin: Colette Aster

I'm sticking to my guns of making a muslin for every new pattern this year. With the help of my newly padded dress form, it's been easier than I thought it would be! The first project of this new year is the Aster Blouse by Colette Patterns.  One thing I'm lacking in my current wardrobe is a well fitting button down, and white blouses. Why not kill two birds with one stone? So, as with every project this year, time for a muslin. Below is the bodice cut from size 18 and put on my form. 

There are definitly some issues. I'm toying with raising the darts a big, and adding a smidge more ease in the lower stomach area. The side view is sad. Drag lines, pooling, and just a general mess. So I tried a sway back adjustment to see if that helped, and I think it improved the muslin a ton! 

No more pooling, no more drag line, it looks so much better! I will add some length overall, long torso problems. Now I just need to translate everything into some new pattern peices and get to work. Muslin making might not be so terrible after all.