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Padding Out My Dress Form.

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When's the last time you checked your measurements? If you sew for yourself you should be checking them regularly. Of course, just because I should be doing something doesn't mean I am. I've had my dress form for a few years now, it's a Dritz my double. It's a hard plastic shell that you can crank key dials to fit your measurements.  While it works okay for it's low price, there's not a whole lot of draping or fitting you can do on it. I have a non-standard body shape to begin with, so there was no way the dress form would work as a fitting model for my body as it. I set out to change it to more closely resemble my shape! 

I purchased the fabulous fit padding system in a size large.  From what I've read, the pads are all the same size, it's just the covers that vary in size. There's two covers, a very tight jersey cover that holds the pads in, and a princess seamed cover that is the outer most layer.  

The concept was fairly easy to understand if a bit finicky in the application. You take detailed measurements of your body, and try and get those same measurements and shapes by using the pads provided. I ended up needing extra batting and shoulder pads to work for my body. I also used a bra to support the pads in the breast area to more accurately mimic what I would wear every day. I also set the dress form a bit smaller than my measurements. The cover left the arm hole exposed, so I cut some muslin and just tucked it under the two jersey layers. 

This year I want to focus on fitting things properly. Even if that means I'm making way less than normal. A toile for every pattern, and having something accurate to drape on is going to help immensely. Here's to better-fitting garments in 2016!

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