Collette Aster

Hey guys! I finished sewing something! I muslined, fitted, and finished! While I did sew this up as something to wear with jeans, my long torso strikes again! It needs to be like a half inch longer for me to rock it on my bod, although it looks pretty good on my form. Also, even though I did a swayback adjustment on the back, it's still a bit boxy and blousy. That does no favors for me untucked from behind. Us broad shoulder and broad-backed broads don't really need any extra mass there. I think this pattern might run a bit loose all over, because I didn't have to do a FBA which is usually necessary for my E cups. I do think it looks nice tucked into an a-line skirt though, so that's how I'm wearing it above. From the front I would say it fits really well. Usually the combination can be a fit disaster, but that wasn't I problem I had!

Anyone else have any issues with the back of this pattern? Overall not a terrible make though!