365 Days

6/365: Somehow all the dog beds in the house have come into ownership of a lone cat. 

7/365: Quick dinner, polenta and chicken meatballs.

8/365: I woke up early and had the chance to actually get ready before work, looking less she-beast than normal. 

9/365: I photographed a wedding in this victorian mansion today. 

10/365: The first snow of the year is a sleety and terrible snow. Being in the midwest I should be used to this.  Honestly I thought we were going to skip winter this year. Where's El Nina when you need her? 

11/365: If ever there was an occasion to listen to Bowie, this week has certainly given me an unneeded one. "You aren't grieving the loss of someone you knew, more the loss of someone who helped you know yourself" 

12/365: I really hope an employee did this. 

13/365: I entered a group Powerball ticket. I have no illusions of actually winning, but the daydream is nice. 

14/365: View of downtown from my Photography Studio.