WIP: Bettine

So I'm finally going to work on a bit of sewing tonight. Not only have I just not had a ton of time between the Boudoir Business , my day-job, and family visits and vacations - but my sewing room, which a half story on my cape code has been oppressively and terribly hot. Thank you Ohio for not only having terrible and snowy winters, but also having 100 degree heat summer with the humidity on full blast. While I have central air, the half story is basically a converted attic, and those are notoriously hot. I'm going to hunker down with a box fan tonight though and bust at least the cutting of this dress out! 

I'm using one of the lengths of fabric my Mom treated me to on my last minute trip back to my hometown near DC. It's a really vibrant green linen, with a screen printed dot pattern in blue. I got it at Hancocks on super sale and can't find it on their website. It's a medium weight linen, I'm going to guess around 4-5oz/yard. It's got a good drape.  I haven't ever really been drawn to Tilly's patterns before. This dress is almost identical in silhouette to a dress I wore on my first date with Brian. I loved that dress, and it looked super great on, so I'm going to give this a go. 

I'll probably just do a tissue fitting, I feel like there's enough ease to where I won't have to do a FBA, but we'll see. 

What are you guys working on?