Life Recently

Hi everyone! Long time no chat and all. I've been busy working on the studio, working on my boudoir business, and getting a bit of travelling in. Some planned and some unplanned. 

As far as the studio goes, minus a few more accessories and storage it's mostly done! Here's a few quick snaps from Instagram. 

Turned out pretty cute, right? In the photo above it's set up for our open house with some of the pieces we also use for shooting. We have a ton of backdrops and shooting equiptment neatly tucked out of sight. I'll have a mini studio tour of this section done this weekend, as we're shooting models for the first time in the space. I'm glad we're done here! We've rented out a second studio adjoining ours for a dark moody bedroom set which I'm super excited about. As if I needed more work to do right? 

I had planned to take the fourth of july weekend to finish up some sewing, and maybe work on the craft room, but had a family health emergency - which sent me back home to DC that weekend. So I didn't get anything done, but got to spend time with my family, which is most important. 

Early in the month we also had a serious case of the dog pukes. In turn that totally extinguished any life my gray shag rug had in it. Which is fine, the rug was getting gross thanks to previous dog puke episodes (shag rugs are awesome nets for half chewed kibble), and wasn't even really large enough for the room to start with. So I hoofed it over to target and bought something with a shorter nap and larger area space. 

It almost makes me want to update the living room more. Unfortunately we've taken practically the whole summer off from any house renovations, which is probably for the best seeing as I've got a pretty substantial Lowe's Credit Bill to pay off.  In the end it's okay - I got a little burnt out renovation wise anyway. Once the credit account is paid off I'll start again on making my space cute again. For now it's on an only if I have to repair it kind of basis. #reallife

I just got back from a mini trip to Chicago for Brian's family reunion. I'll do a post on that later, I'm working on a mini scrapbook with what little free time I've had, but I should be able to get it done soon. Lots of parks and deep dish (which as a total east coast Guido, I can appreciate, but it's not pizza).

I'm hoping to photograph some of my finished sewing projects this weekend, since I only work one day of it! But we'll see how that goes. I'd love to start on some modern sewing projects. My mom spoiled me with a bit of fabric shopping while I was in DC, and now I've got a mini stash that needs to be sewn up. I have a perfect green and teal dotted linen that basically needs to become Tilly's new Bettine dress ASAP. I'm also going to try to participate in the Aster Sewalong.  Have you guys done anything cool recently or have any crafty plans? Let me know in the comments!