Finished Bonnell Dress

Holy Guacamole, I actually finished something. I actually ended up really liking Dixie DIY's Bonnell dress pattern. I did have a few quibbles like some really small gaping, and some instruction confusion - but I'm pattern testing this, so the for purchase version those things will be fixed. I'm reserving judgement on a full review until I can make it again with the finalized pattern. 

I wasn't so sure how the side cut outs would look on me, but I'm pleased to say I like them! This part of my body hasn't really seen the sun since I was a toddler. I'm not a two piece kind of gal. Something about the cut outs made me instantly sassier though - which the universe didn't think was possible I'm sure. 

Yes, these are iPhone photos from when we were walking the dogs, but I'm a busy woman!