1770-1780 cap

I'm on a sewing roll this week. This has been a little hand sewing project I've worked on over the past couple days, a cap for my late 18th century kit. I'm applying to a juried reenactment event this fall the requires caps be worn by women. I also figured I'd pay a little penance for all my witching about Outlander women not wearing caps. I'm super behind in those reviews right now by the way. I'm thinking of doing one big catch up post.

Back to the cap! It's hand sewn with rolled hems and french seams. I didn't put a draw string in the back, I just fit it to my huge head. I'm planning on making a few ribbons to go with this cap, which will help secure it, but it fits rather nicely now. It's made out of 100% cotton organdy, which I'm not obsessed with. I didn't put an iron tho this once. The organdy pleats really well with finger pressing only. In fact I may have purchased five more yards of it.

The cap is going to be awesome for events. I'm not going to have to do my hair or put in extensions if I don't want too. By the 1760's some women did have fringe similar to mine,  but a lot of reenactors view it as a cardinal sin because it's too widely represented, not done right, or their convinced it wasn't actually a thing. So caps are also great for hiding your bangs and other modern hairstyle. Roll them up over a rat and your good to go! 

I'd love to attempt some of the really crazy huge Georgian caps eventually. What's your favorite cap style?