On The Sewing Table

I'm working on two projects at once right now, normally a huge no-no for me, but it's going okay. One is machine sewn, and the other is a hand project I can work on while not in my sewing room. Let's start with the hand project first shall we? 

I'm making a second JP Ryan Jacket, this time with lacing and stomacher! I bought this fabric secondhand, but it's a Martha Stewart home decor print, which is a good floral for the period. I'm completely hand stitching this bad boy, and don't expect it to be done any time soon. But will share once I get it together. I still need to share modeled shots of my first JP Ryan jacket, all in good time I suppose. 

My second machine sewn project is my game of thrones dress! I finally cut it out and started on it last night. It looks kind of like a shapeless lump right now, but it'll get there. 

It's inspired by Cersei's Bird dress below, she wears it in season one of the show. 

While I have no grand embroidery plans for it currently, but it's something I can add after it's done, so baby steps. No my fabrics aren't an exact match for the dress, but fun fact the show actually weaves all their own fabric. Those that they don't weave are like 97$ a yard. So I don't even think it's an option. Plus it's close enough for me. This one should go together quickly. Save any embroidery, I don't doubt I could have it done by this weekend. 

What are you working on?