WIP: Stumpwork Embroidery Class

I took a wonderful class over the weekend with my mom. Larissa of Wilde Hunt Corsetry and Olde Towne Beads taught the class and she was an amazing instructor. It was really wonderful and I learned a lot of new techniques. I also learned that I'm obsessed with this stuff called fairy fiber, and left the class with eight bags of it. Not to mention I'm now obsessed with Stumpwork just in general. I'm really looking forward to finishing this piece, and then using my new found skills on some upcoming costumes. 

The last shot with the peacock's wing attached is about as far as I've gotten currently. It is, in fact a peacock. Not a mustache as my stepfather guessed when I only had the body completed. I ordered this book, as per Larissa's recommendation to continue learning stumpwork.  I've been working on this piece whenever I've gotten the chance to sit down and watch some TV, which hasn't been often. I do find it pretty relaxing, and will share my progress as I work on the piece. Stumpwork has such cool techniques, there's always going to be something to learn. I feel like my first piece isn't shaping up too poorly, but there's obviously a lot of room for improvement. Anyone else familiar with this art?