Game Of Thrones Wig Work

So were throwing a little game of thrones season opener party. I figured it was a good of an excuse as any to dress up right? I had the idea to loosely base a costume off of Cersei. She's a terrible person, but her Kings Landing gowns are where it's at! But the wig and extra wefts I ordered are really light for TV Cersei at least. 

This was my base wig, it was pretty thin (thank goodness I already had planned on sewing more hair in. I also had bangs, which was not advertised very well when I purchased it. 

So first I played with the style a bit, and ended up here. Wig styling for some reason is 100x harder for me than real hair. 

It was still too thin and straight for my liking. So I sewed in all my extra hair that I bought and ended up here. 


Shape, texture and style wise I do like it. I just wish it was about four shades darker. I'm toying with the idea of dying it using alcohol inks or poly dye, but I'm afraid of ruining the whole thing to be honest. 

Also, I'd just like to say for some reason doing cosplay stuff feels 80000000 times more nerdy than any of the historical stuff that I do, not that I'm not a huge nerd, but I kind of thought maybe I shouldn't post cosplay stuff on the blog. Then I realized I was being really dumb and wrote this post. 

Do you have any wig work experience? I'm really weirdly obsessed with fake hair all of a sudden.