Completed: JP Ryan Stays

So I finished the JP Ryan Stays. The only modification I made to this pattern was to lengthen the front. I get a weird and unfortunate pooch when stays don't give me coverage there. Overall I'm pretty happy with the fit. I can actually get these almost all the way evenly  closed when I have time and help to lace properly - so if I made another pair I would size down. In fact I took some ease out at the back most panel, which you can see with the kind of crappy looking stitching below. These fit me much better than my first attempt at stays, and I have a feeling that has a lot to do with them being fully boned. That and that these have no front closure, which while make them easier to put on, give a less than smooth silhouette.  

I plan on making another pair soon, possibly by hand. I tend to lose weight in the summer so I don't know how long these will be usable without alteration. As always my motto is fit for the body you have now. Plus practice makes perfect right? I'm also excited to make something other than stays for the next HSM challenge, two in a row was a bit much. On the bright side, I'm sure everything else will feel like a complete breeze after all this stitching! 

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: Shell- linen, Lining - Quilting Cotton, Interfacing - Canvas

Pattern: JP Ryan's Strapless Stays

Year: 18th Century

Notions: Bias tape, plastic boning, and perle thread

How historically accurate is it? Minus the boning I would say fairly accurate. I could have bound with leather versus bias tape, but time and money won out in the long run. Since I'd never made this pattern before, I wanted to test the fit with this first version more than anything. 

Hours to complete: I didn't really keep very good track, but working on it occasionally on weekends I would guess it took me about a month to complete. 

First worn: For these photos, although this weekend I'd like to wear them to an event. 

Total cost: Boning 15, fabrics 18, floss 1, awl 9, binding 6 , thread 4 - Total = 39$