Life Recently.

So I've been sewing and getting stuff done. In fact I have over six garments recently sewn I need to photograph and post. I'm working on it, but real life keeps getting in the way. 

I've had terrible luck with things breaking this month. First my muffler fell off of my car. I was of course an hour away from my house when this happened. What a seriously awesome drive home. Then my front door lock broke, so I was stuck using the side door for a few days until I could get a locksmith to come by. Finally yesterday my iPhone just stopped working. Luckily I have a very sweet and loving partner named Brian who surprised me with a new phone last night. He's sweet, and it's been such a weird, busy, stressful month that I almost cried over a new iPhone. It's the little things.

Had I mentioned I'm busy yet? Oh what's that like 800 times already? Cool. But it's not an understatement I promise. Photo season as I like to call it is in full swing. Not just weddings, but portraits, events, galas, the whole shabang! My calendar is enough to give anyone anxiety. Not to mention all the fun Ohio Historic Costumer's Events I've been planning and attending. In fact I've got a sewing circle coming up in Columbus this weekend, the day after a wedding. Who needs sleep? 

Oh and since it's spring I've been slowly de-stashing some of my vintage patterns that I either a) don't want to sew, or b) are so far off from my actual size I don't want to bother grading. I put some on a few Facebook selling groups, but might throw a page together here If I get enough time to photograph and catalog them! Is that something you'd be interested in?

What's keeping you busy recently dear readers?