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1830's Hood

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Once of the classes I did at The 44th Alafia River Rendezvous was with 96 Fabrics - a 1830's quilted hood. While mine's not really quilted and I don't do 1830's reenactments as of yet,  I still really enjoyed the class! Below are some museum examples of what we were going for. 

While much more elegant than mine, I actually really like how it turned out. It's very warm! Which is funny because I made it at an event in Florida where I doubt I'll ever need it. 

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I purchased everything needed to make this bonnet from 96 Fabrics. There's a layer of batting everywhere except the back ruffle of the hood. It's completely hand sewn with linen thread. The exterior is a tapestry type fabric, while the interior is a sheer that incorporates a green warp and a pink weft. Excuse these heinous photos. Sometimes I don't want to drag out my DSLR and it shows in the picture quality. Oh well, save the good camera for when it's styled on my head I suppose! 

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