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44th Alafia River Rendezvous

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Since my birthday is in January, and I live in Ohio, I decided I needed to go somewhere warmer for once. My father was attending the Alafia River Rendezvous in Homeland Florida, so we decided to tag along for the week. 

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While not the most historically accurate event, rendezvous can be a lot of fun and often have really good workshops you can take.  So we drove the 16 hours to Florida and got ready to do some camping. We had wonderful weather, but unfortunately Brian picked up a 24 hour stomach bug. It left him puking and or recovering for most of the trip, and when not tending to a poor sick boy, me up to my own devices. 

But I did manage to do a fair amount of workshops, which is always fun. I did a regency spencer jacket (still a work in progress) and an 1830's quilted hood (post soon!) with the team over at 96 Fabrics.  I did a thread button class with William Booth Draper . Whom I didn't even realize was a vendor until near the last day, missing the previous workshops. I did buy probably way to many patterns once I realized they were there though. I also learned and purchased an inkle loom from Carol Leigh. I would have never guessed I would like looming, since I'm so terrible at other yarn crafts, but I find it weirdly soothing - go figure. Also I can see it coming in handy to do my own self made trims. 

 Making our 1830's quilted hoods with 96 Fabrics.

Making our 1830's quilted hoods with 96 Fabrics.

 Learning to make inkles on my new mini inkle loom. 

Learning to make inkles on my new mini inkle loom. 

I also competed in the Ladies games of frying pan and rolling pin tossing. I came in fourth both times, which while leaving me infinitely sour, isn't too shabby for someone who'd never competed in either games. Let the training begin for next year right? To see my impressive, fourth place, throw - check out instagram. 


Once Brian was feeling up to par we did take a side trip over the Universal Studio's newest expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley. But that deserves a post of it's own. Even with Brian being pretty terribly sick, even he had a good time. It made me realize how much we both need more accurate wardrobes, and the issues of my own. Wearing period clothing for a week you realize quickly what's not working so well. Good thing I bought a boatload of patterns right? 

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