Sewing Plans - Historical

To get anything accomplished this year, I need to plan. I've got a lot of sewing I'd like to do, and not a ton of time to do it in, so I just wanted to make my timeline public to help hold me accountable. 

Now Through March:

I'm going to finish my new stays within the next few days, I'm sewing the lining in right now. But until march I kind of want to have an 18th century free for all. I'd like to complete a hand sewn shift, bed jacket, two new petticoats, a calico jacket, and a round gown. Realistically the gown probably won't happen, but I can for sure get everything else done before March is over. The patterns I plan on using are below. All are JP Ryan.

April Through June

A new era. Regency! I'll be starting my regency stays at the end of march, but I'm not only trying to get a whole kit together for myself, but my boyfriend as well. He's too dandy to be a mountain man. ;) So I need to get him some breeches, shirts, vests, and a coat. I'll need my stays, petticoats, Spencer, and gown. I draped my Spencer on my last vacation, I just need to actually sew it. All patterns except the gown are from laughing moon, the gown is from past patterns.

Regency should keep me busy for three months right? I really will need something to wear with my fabulous new hat when I take Lydia Fast's regency bonnet workshop this November. A total splurge on my part, but it's going to be awesome to learn hat making. If you're interested in a regency stays sew-along, we'll be doing one this March at Ohio Historic Costumers, a group I help run. Check us out here and here. We're hosting workshops, sewing circles, and meetups! 

June through the end of the year.

Another new era. Natural form. I have no game plan for this yet. It should be interesting to say the least. I never even thought I'd attempt a bustle. Word on the street is that Ohio Historic Costumers might have a very Victorian Christmas coming our way. 

Of course I'd love to do some non costume sewing as well. But we'll see. There's a few simple patterns that have really caught my eye that I might be able to sneak in. What are your plans? 

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