Beribboned Caps: Martha

I've made another cap! The first one I made has gotten a lot of use, check it out here. This next cap dates a bit later than the first one at  1790. It's a little more insane looking as well. The fact that I threw on a huge cockade I'm sure only adds to the insanity, but go big or go home right? 


I hand sewed this cap out of cotton organdy in about four hours. I think next time I make it I'll stick to cotton organdy for everything but the ruffle. I want something more delicate. Maybe a pleated lace? If that cockade looks a but sloppy, it's my first ever, be gentle! 

There's some tweaking that needs to be done to that pattern. The ruffle piece is no where near long enough to create more pleats than what I have. I want allll the pleats! The pattern photo was a bit misleading there. 

Tweaks to make for next time I suppose. I enjoy doing little handwork projects like this now that winter has set in. There's less for me to do outside, and when I'm a homebody I get more sewing done! I've got some stomachers I'm sewing up next, so expect to see those soon as well!