Costuming: Time Travelers Tea

My costuming group I belong to put on a presentation in Wilmington Ohio over the weekend. I finally finished and got to wear my new dutch jacket and cap. These photos were all taken by the library and pulled from their Facebook page. The event was a time travelers tea. Patrons of the library enjoyed tea while members from our group gave presentations on their costumes and time period. I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like the guests did too.  Thanks to the Wilmington Public Library for having us! If you're interested in joining our group, or would like to set up something similar for a group join Ohio Historic Costumers over on facebook!

Julie (above right) gave an awesome Victorian reverse strip tease. She showed all the guests the process of getting dressed in her time period. In the photo below you can see my costume in the red and green next to a Victorian era Doctor Who. 

(Left) One of our members discussing her costume, representing our earliest time period which I think was 15th century. (Right) I talked mostly about 18th century cosmetics during my presentation, but fielded questions about my costume afterwards. Here I am showing off my shoes. People seemed most interested in my cap, and my pocket hoops. It was kind of cool when I pulled all of my makeup out of my pocket hoops, a very Mary Poppins moment. 

It was fun to get to share my costume with other people who seemed really interested in learning about my time period of choice. I also got the gumption to start cutting out my English gown. I've been so busy with work that a lot of my sewing has fallen by the wayside. I'm pretty determined to still find time for it though. I'd love to get photos of this costume with a bit better light, florescent doesn't do me any favors. ;) I'll go over details on this costume then as well. I just wanted to share a cool event I got to do with OHC.