1760-1780's Paniers

So while I was getting over the flu I had lots of time on the couch, great for hand-sewing right? So I decided to try and throw together some paniers following the Dreamstress's Panier Along.  I hand sewed these 100%, and am pretty happy with how they turned out! I got everything for my paniers from my stash, since I wasn't really well enough to leave the house. I wish I had some cane boning though, the plastic boning has a tendency to collapse on one side, but I'll try and fix it before I wear it at any events. While I do feel a bit silly wearing them, I can already tell they'll be really useful! I'll basically have two purse's worth of storage strapped to my hips! Worn with my chemise and 18th century stays. 

The Challenge: 

  • January – Foundations: make something that is the foundation of a period outfit.


Scrap muslin.


Self drafted based on the panier along tutorial. 


18th century, 1760-1780.


Bias Binding, thread, beeswax, plastic boning, and ribbon.

How historically accurate is it?

Minus the plastic boning, I'd say pretty close? All hand sewn natural fibers. I'd love to replace the plastic boning with some cane boning when I can get my hands on some. 

Hours to complete:

Two, maybe three hours? I complete a majority of it on the couch watching Marie Antoinette. 

First worn:

For photos! I'm planning on wearing them at a living history event this January though! 

Total cost:

Everything was already in my stash, but if I had to figure out if I bought it today I'd say under 20$?