Thoughts On The Bum Roll.

Yes, you read right. Thoughts on the Bum Roll. I've been in a costuming sewing marathon because of the upcoming living history event I'm attending. The event is Pre-1840's. Normally I don't go above and beyond in my costuming. Since I've been planning a little better this year, I thought I would throw some foundation garments into the mix. For those of you who don't know what a bum roll is, it's basically a pillow you tie around your waist to make your booty look like a table. Case in point, Claire from the show Outlander wears one. 

Outlander is copyright The Starz Channel

While looking at the photos you don't think wearing said bum roll would be all together not too awful, but let me tell you, it's strange. It's pretty much opposite of what you want to do with modern clothing. I'm not sure I need any help in the shelf shaped booty department either. Using Simplicity 5882 I made the bum roll. Check it out on my dress form. 

The Chemise is Simplicity McCalls' 4548 (Which I think is discontinued?). I ended up hating the Kannik's Korner Pattern. The instructions were a mess. I completed the chemise though, and despised it enough to cut out a completely different pattern. But that's a whole other post. The bum roll was easy. So easy you pretty much don't need a pattern. Instead of twill tape I made fabric tubes from the left over muslin from the chemise. I threw a simple drawstring petticoat over the bum roll to see what kind of effect I'd be getting in the photo below. 

It's honestly kind of intense ha. Once I have my heavier over-skirt on though, I think it might downplay the volume of the bum roll a bit? Anyone here have any experience with bum rolls? I was thinking I might make a pair of hip pads instead to see if those suit me better!