Intentions In 2015

How is a new year here already? Wasn't it just summer? This last half of the year has flown by like a super sonic jet. There's only 14 more days until Christmas, and I'm mostly done shopping. It's going to be a very toned down holiday. We've been putting a lot of (read: all) energy into the house. I've been working like a madwoman with two day jobs, and then my photography business on top of that. We've dealt with some pretty scary pet health issues, which are resolved now, but cost way more money than I had put away for that kind of thing. Despite all the craziness, It's still been an amazing year, and I'm thankful for all the good and the bad. I'd like to just put my intentions for 2015 out there into the universe, it'll help hold me accountable. 

Slow Down.

I've been going full speed for an extended period of time. I need to slow the pace down if not for anything more than my own sanity. I didn't even get the time to participate in NanoWriMo this year, which was a big let down. I've missed events with friends, and time with family.  I need to prioritize the important things in my life in front of the issues of the day. Things that inspire growth, creativity, thoughtfulness. 

Do more, with less. 

This is a repeat goal from many previous years, but going to be very useful this year. I'd love to be a minimalist even though it's not in my nature, but I'm going to try my damnedest to get close. I've been going through my belongings and started to pare down to what I really need. Less things, less to clean, less to spend, less to fuss over. I've also got some pretty big savings goals this year. I'd like to pay down some current debt, save for an overseas trip in 2016, and still be able to not really feel too terrible a pinch in my everyday finances. So a lifestyle is adjustment sorely needed. 


I need to spend more time in improving and keeping my current connections with the people I love. Friends, Family, and Brian. Living far away from family and childhood friends can make that hard. I still have a grand plan for a babe summit 2015 where we can all get some time to catch up and foster our friendships a bit more. Same goes for loved ones that are much closer in distance. More time to connect, more walks, more talks, more time. 


I'd like to produce something I'm really proud of at least once a month this year. Whether that's through sewing, writing, art, or otherwise will depend on my whim. I've been sorely lacking in any kind of creativity this last half of the year and it's been really to my own detriment. Once a month at least is doable, and worth it. 


Just as all my other hobbies have been kind of waning in all that is crazy this last half of the year, so has my reading. I did for a brief spell over thanksgiving break get to read at my usual voracious pace, which made me miss it even more. With more people in the house and more responsibilities it's been harder to find time, and a spot to really dig in to a book in the way I'm accustomed to. I need to get a good reading nook going, and find the time to do it. I enjoy reading far too much to not do it. 

More Personal Photos.

Since photography is my profession, I find myself with more photos of total strangers than people and things I actually care about. More personal photos, more everyday, more documenting. I need to start carrying my camera everywhere with me again. It's been in my pro-bag since the start of wedding season. Along with more personal photos, more scrap booking, which I love, and already have basically every supply I would ever need to get going again. I just need the photos. 

That's it. That's my intent for the new year. I will be more deliberate in my actions, my thoughtful in my relationships and more creative. What's your plan?