It has been slow going on these stays. I gave up hand sewing because number one, I'm not good at it, and number two, I'd like to finish these stays before I turn 80. I did manage to get one side completely boned! 

The outside is seersucker ticking, the lining a blue cotton, and there's two layers of heavy duty cotton drill as interfacing. I did alter the pattern a good deal. I had to add four inches after trying on my muslin. I'm a bit long waist-ed but good god was this pattern short. I also took a good deal off the center back  as I was getting a lot of overlap at the top even though I have a very broad back. 

See how short? The neckline also seemed a bit low, and if I had planned on wearing it alone I might have raised it to prevent nip slips, but since I'm wearing a chemise underneath it I'm not too terribly worried about that. If all goes as planned I'd like to have this done by the end up of the week. I'm planning on binding it in a color that matches the lining, while the ribbons, eyelets, and possible flossing will match in a coral color. I won't lie, I'm worried about doing all those eyelets. I've even considered just using metal grommets, but figured I would do it the proper way first.