Travel: Montmarte Shops

One of my favorite ways to travel is rent an apartment and completely immerse myself in the local culture. I'd rather skip the all inclusive resorts, towel service, and maids. I want weird hallway smells, cooking for myself, and most of all grocery shopping. While we were in Paris we did exactly that. Out tiny Montmarte apartment was perfectly situated next our favorite cafe and so many also tiny but amazing shops. Nearly everyday we went to the following two stores, La Jurasserie Fine and Le Grenier à Pain Abbesses. Because honestly there wasn't a day that went by in Paris we didn't want baguettes and tartes, or meat and cheese. I think that might have been 85% of our vacation diet if we aren't counting the Gelato. Or the wine. That was like 150% of our vacation diet. 

I'm getting a little weepy today knowing I can't just walk over there, grab a bottle of wine and some sausage and go sit next to Sacré-Cœur

The bakery was always our next stop. Normally we just got a baguette or two (sometimes the one didn't survive the walk back to the apartment), but on the day I took photos we went a bit crazy ordering things a bit more frivolous than the peoples bread. Fun fact, the price of a plain baguette is actually regulated by the French government and has been since the revolution. 

That tarte though. Sometimes you've just got to go a bit pastry crazy right?